Planting Instructions

Ball & Burlapped Trees

  1. Dig a hole at least one foot wider than the root ball
  2. Slide the tree in the hole leaving it at the same depth or slightly higher than it was at the nursery.
  3. Do not remove the wire basket. Remove the twine that is wrapped around the trunk, and pull back the burlap on the top of the ball
  4. In clay or sandy soil, add organic material to the soil. Use black dirt with peat moss, or compost.
  5. Mix half and half with the original soil.
  6. Fill the hole ¾ full and tamp soil to remove air pockets.
  7. Water slowly to settle and saturate the soil.
  8. Fill the rest of the hole.

Water the tree thoroughly. In sandy soil, water the new tree 1-2 times per week slowly soaking the tree for about thirty minutes (necessity/weather pending). In clay soil, water slowly once a week for about 20 minutes (necessity/weather pending).

It is not recommended to place sod back around the base of the tree. Wood mulches should be used to retain moisture and keep the roots cool. Using plastic around the base of the tree may cause damage to the bark.

Potted Trees & Shrubs

  1. Dig a hole 4-6 inches wider and deeper than the container size.
  2. For newly potted trees, the bottom should be cut off. For older potted plants, tip the plant over on its side and carefully slide the pot off.
  3. Set or slide the plant into the hole. Be careful not to disturb the root system.
  4. Place the plant at the same level or slightly higher then originally planted in pot. For fruit or shade trees, do not bury the graft. Soil level should be below graft.
  5. See step 4-8 from above for the rest of the instructions.

Water the tree or shrub 1-2 times a week for sandy soil. Slowly soak the soil using about 5 gallons of water. During dry spells water every other day. In clay soil, water once a week using about 2-5 gallons of water. Water every three days during dry spells.


Fair’s recommends a product called Root Stimulator or Healthy Start Macro Tablets to establish a good root system. During the first growing season, root stimulator should be applied 2-3 times, 10 days apart. Macro tablets should be used at the time of planting. Place tablets in hole after filling ¾ full, then finish planting.

Fall Care

Tree wrap should be applied in the fall to any tree that has smooth bark. This will help prevent sun scold and keep the rodents from damaging the bark. This should be left on until late spring.

Evergreen plant should be watered well going into late fall. Lack of moisture can result in winter burn. This can be prevented by spraying with a product called Wilt Proof (follow instructions carefully).