Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start planting trees and shrubs?

Plant trees and shrubs as soon as the ground is dry enough for digging.

When can I uncover my roses?

Remove mulch from perennials and roses in April when the weather warms up.

Is it to early to put down crabgrass preventer?

We recommend late April to early May application depending on the weather.

I have dog spots all over my lawn. What can I do?

Gypsum helps to correct dog spots and winter salt damage.

When can I plant my potatoes and onions?

It is o.k. to plant early (April) but if the soil is wet and cold rotting may occur.

I have boxelder bugs all over the south side of my house. What should I do? Please help!

Spraying Buggslayer (concentrated deltamethrin) kills boxelder and Asian lady beetles and stays active for a long time. Another product that works is Bonide Eight (permethrine).

Should I start my seeds now?

Start seeds indoors for early planting outdoors this season.

How can I thicken up my lawn?

Early spring is a great time to over-seed thin areas in your lawn that were damaged over the winter.
Remember NOT to use a crabgrass preventer in those areas so the seed will germinate.