Mulches & Wood Chips

Shredded Hardwood Mulch and Hardwood Bark Chips

  • Composed of a mixed blend of hard and soft wood
  • Great idea for naturalized areas
  • Economical choice
  • Maintains color for 1-2 years
Yard $34.00
Scoop $17.00

Dyed Shredded Mulch

  • Bright red, chocolate, and royal gold colors
  • Very popular mulch choices
  • Retains its color for approx. 2 years
  • May discolor cement driveways and sidewalks if left on them for too long
  • Dye is not harmful to plants, animals or humans
  • Red and chocolate brown also in 2 cubic foot bags (ask for availability)
Yard $44.00
Scoop $22.00

Cypress and Western Red Cedar Mulch

  • Naturally resists decomposition
  • Attractive natural color
  • Maintains soil’s moisture
  • Stays in place well throughout rain and wind
  • Keeps plant roots cool
  • 3 cubic ft bags

Montana Bark Chips

(small, medium, large)

  • Attractive natural color
  • Naturally helps with weed suppression
  • Helps maintain soil moisture
  • Keeps plant roots cool

Playground Wood Chips

One yard covers approx. 80 sq. ft. at 3″ deep.

Yard $44.00
Scoop $22.00

Cocoa Bean Mulch

  • Very aromatic
  • Breaks down soil and enriches soil composition
  • Can be tilled into soil
  • Maintains color longer
  • Can become moldy if consistently wet
  • May be harmful to dogs if consumed