Our Guarantee

  1. Trees, shrubs, shrub roses and evergreens are guaranteed to survive one year from purchase dates on the receipt. If the plant fails to survive, it will be replaced once.
  2. Perennials, vines, ground covers, hybrid tea roses and small fruits are guaranteed for 30 days from the purchase date. Proper care must have been provided.
  3. Bare root materials are not guaranteed. Any problems must be reported immediately after purchase.
  4. Annual flower, vegetables and other greenhouse-bedding plants are not guaranteed.
  5. Plants growing in containers are not guaranteed over the winter.

Fair’s Nursery assures you top quality materials. Replacement plants are not guaranteed. Labor and delivery chargers for replanting are not included unless originally planted or delivered by Fair’s. For this guarantee to be effective: 1) Plant failure must be reported within the appropriate time period stated above. 2) The entire plant and root systems must be brought in. 3) The customer needs to have the register receipt. If an item is out of stock, a credit slip will be issued. This may be used only for other nursery stock on hand. No cash will be refunded. Credit may not be used on the hard goods or in the floral department. Credit slips must be used within one year of receiving credit.

Guarantee is void if plant failure is caused by: improper planting, abuse by chemicals, rodent or mechanical damage, acts of nature, or vandalism. Fair’s asks the opportunity to inspect and select possible corrective action to avoid losing any of the plants.